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All premade covers come with the insertion of your title and author name, as well as font, font color and font style changes. Any additional changes are considered an “add-on”. Please see the section at the bottom of this page for more information. All costs are in USD.

Once you have purchased your premade cover, it will no longer be available for purchase, meaning no one else will have the same cover as you.

To claim your cover, please contact me as soon as possible. I cannot guarantee they will still be around if you choose to wait to purchase.

Contact me ASAP at to get your cover!

When paying for your cover, please include the name of the cover you’re purchasing, the title of your book, series name (if applicable) and author name.




The below covers are new and are not part of the sale. All ebook covers are $80, and full wraps are $120Contact me with the name of the cover to purchase.

Wolf premade space opera_cover dystopian gunwoman.jpg

Fire and Fantasy_paperback premade cover.jpg Post-Apocalyptic_premade cover.jpg  Fallen Empire_premade cover.jpg


Save $20 when you get the “Magic Dagger” trilogy of covers for only $300Contact me to purchase.

Save $40 when you get the “A Blade Most Foul” trilogy of covers for only $200! Contact me to purchase.


Add on a full wrap to an existing cover for only $40. (Stock photos included)


Once you’ve picked your design, contacted me, and we’ve mutually agreed upon a vision for your project, I will send an invoice to your desired email address. Once I have received your payment, I will begin work on your project. Throughout the process, I will send you screenshots for your review. When you are satisfied with your final design, I will send the full resolution file(s).

**If you purchase any add-ons, or custom graphics along with your cover, I will first send you a quote for your approval.**

Dark Queen_premade cover

The Last Queen_premade cover

Fallen Empire_premade cover

Post-Apocalyptic_premade cover.jpgdystopian gunwoman

Fire and Fantasy_paperback premade coverspace opera_coverWolf premade