All formatting is done using Vellum. Please look through the style options for your ebook before making a request. Please contact me with any concerns or questions you may have. All costs are in USD.



Basic formatting for your ebook: $30

Your formatting includes: cover insertion, copyright, title page, table of contents, dedication, foreword/afterword/introduction, preface/prologue, all of your chapters, epilogue, acknowledgements, about the author, also by the author, and links inserted into whichever pages you deem necessary.

When sending me your Word Document for formatting, please be sure to include all the information you’d like, in the order in which you’d prefer it. Please also separate all of your chapters with a page break (this includes any prologue/epilogue as well as the acknowledgements/about the author/also by/etc sections). If you forget something, don’t worry, just send it to me as soon as possible and I will include it at no extra charge.



Add-on unique scene breaks: $10

I have dozens of unique scene-breaks for you to choose from. Please inquire for examples.


Add-in unique text to chapters/parts: $5 for every 2 pieces of text

I will create up to 2 unique text breaks for you and insert them. You may choose the font, or I can come up with some examples for you.


Image insertions: $10 (for up to 10 images)


When emailing me, please include which style you’d like for your ebook.


If you’d like me to format your book please contact me by email with the following details: title of book, author name, word count, genre/age group, and style of choice. Once we’ve come to a mutual agreement on a vision for your project, I will send you a link via Paypal so that you can pay the formatting fee, OR I will invoice you the fee (please specify which email address you would like used for this).

Once I have received your payment, I will begin work on your project. Formatting should take no longer than 5 business days, with a typical turnaround time being within 72 hours. If you need your formatting rushed, an additional $10 charge will be required for delivery in 2 business days.

When I’m finished, I will send your files to you. At this moment, Vellum offers ePub and mobi files.


These are just a couple samples of some of the pages you can expect. If you’d like an example of a full file, please email me at and I’ll send you a sample file. 

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  • Four of a Kind by Kellie Sheridan
  • Where We Were by Kellie Sheridan
  • The Never Veil Series by Amy McNulty
  • Josie’s Coat by Amy McNulty
  • A love for the Pages by Amy McNulty
  • Fall Far from the Tree by Amy McNulty
  • The Lost Angel by Adam Mitchell
  • Timor’s Riddle and Cades Damnatorum Atazaria by Adam Mitchell
  • The Last Gala by Devlin Blake
  • Death’s Queen by Janeal Falor
  • SeQuence by Lorraine M.L.M.
  • SeQuence Aligned by Lorraine M.L.M.
  • Before I Shatter by Mandy Peterson
  • Burning by Rebecca Farnham
  • Primitive by Rebecca Farnham
  • A Long Walk Home by Piper Landen
  • After the End by Patricia Thomas

To book formatting for your ebook, please contact me via the Contact Form or by email: