How it’s done #1

How are book covers made, you may be asking? While some designs are drawn, others are made via stock images, like mine will be (and like most are).

In the How it’s Done series, my aim is to give you a little behind the scenes look at how book covers and other graphics are made. Some will be quick and simple, while others get down and dirty, and take a long time to create.

So, let’s get started!

Above are the 2 images used to create the premade book cover I like to call THE FOREST. In the final product, the girl (left) is seen standing in front of the bright backlight of the fog through the trees. But as you can see here, she is clearly on a darker background.

To get the desired effect in the final product, I first had to select the girl from her background, which took quite some time with all those beautiful flowing locks! Once she was selected from her image, I moved her over to the flipped background image where I cleaned up some lines and made her blend more with the backdrop.

But with the darkness of her hair, the left side didn’t quite blend as well as the right. So, I had to use some lighting effects and brushes to brighten her hair and give it the elusion she was part of the background image.


The end result, as you can see, it a bit of a glow effect, which I further pulled to her dress and arms, to make sure it appeared as it the same light naturally lit her from behind.

After the lighting and fix ups, it’s all about the fonts, which let me tell you, are never easy to pick!

I hope you enjoyed this first look into the How it’s Done series. I’ll be updating these every so often with any covers I think might help others see how the work was done.

If you’re interested in THE FOREST, it is currently available for purchase.

Thanks for reading!

All the best,



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